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The people of Prince Edward Island today come from many different origins but the majority can trace those origins back through immigrants from England, Scotland, Ireland and France. PEI place names such as New Glasgow, Belfast, New London, Souris and Tyne Valley reflect these origins and it is generally agreed that the two most common family names on the Island are MacDonald and Arsenault.

Although most of our Island families disappear across the Atlantic five to six generations ago many can still be traced back in the records of their homelands for several centuries.

This website is dedicated to providing Island families the ability to discover their roots and in the process see where they fit into the extended family of descendants of the early settlers of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Accessing the website to add to, or research, your own family tree is by invitation only. Each family is responsible for their own input of data. We want the information to be as accurate as possible and additions and changes will be moderated prior to acceptance by the designated family moderator, who is also responsible for inviting family members to participate.

Suggestions for improvements to the website are welcomed. Email Us with your feedback.

To register as a participating family there is a one-time cost of $25 which will assist in defraying website hosting costs. As a non profit venture we will donate any surplus revenues at year end to Autism PEI.

This picture is of the family of Robert Andrews, son of John Andrews and Mary Catchpole, who immigrated in 1826 from Suffolk, England. Their descendants now number in the thousands and through marriage have joined other original families such as the MacDonald, Smith, Hickox, Seaman, Daye, Graham, Macleod, Ling families and many more.

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